Montana Vintage Goods, LLC is an online e-commerce site dedicated to buying, selling, and consigning high quality Western collectibles and antiques. 


CHARLES is also the owner/operator of Taylor Agency, LLC - a real estate division of Russell Country Realty, specializing in farm, ranch, and high-end recreational property.


He has had a lifelong interest in quality collectibles which led to the creation of this site. Charles has served as a volunteer fireman and EMT for over thirty years. His is also captivated by bluegrass music, especially anything involving the five-string banjo. 


FAITH is also the owner/operator of Taylor Multimedia, LLC. Faith has a BA in Music Technology from Montana State University. She is a musician, composer, and producer, and specializes in building and repairing electronics.


She enjoys playing live music solo, or with her bands. Her other interests include exploring the great outdoors. Faith has also held a lifelong interest for oddities, vintage items, and antiques.